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Testing Arm Templates in Pipelines

One of the most important things with IaC is to test it. With ARM templates there are a few options as well. To test your ARM Templates you could run the following:- ARM-TTK can be used to lint and validate the arm templates. it does the following: Validating the author’s intentions by eliminating unused parameters […]

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Creating Azure DevOps Pipelines

I thought I would cover writing a Azure DevOps pipeline YAML file which deploys infrastructure. Useful link – There are some built-in variables in ADO which you can check out here To take you through it to give you an overview of the setup. We have a pipeline file for each environment (see below). […]

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Story Points

User Stories are used in Agile to create work and for each story, you have to give it some points. A common point system to use is the Fibonacci sequence numbers. Story Points Corresponds to 1 A very small, low effort, low complexity piece of work that might take 1-2 hours 2 About twice the […]