Helm Commands

Action Command to Run To list your releases helm list To install a Release helm install [release] [chart] Upgrade a Release revision helm upgrade [release] [chart] Rollback to a Release revision helm rollback [release] [revision] Display Release history helm history [release] Display Release status helm status [release] Display details of a Release helm get all […]


Creating Azure DevOps Pipelines

I thought I would cover writing a Azure DevOps pipeline YAML file which deploys infrastructure. Useful link – There are some built-in variables in ADO which you can check out here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/pipelines/build/variables?view=azure-devops&tabs=yaml. To take you through it to give you an overview of the setup. We have a pipeline file for each environment (see below). […]



You don’t need to setup the trustedhosts on the Client or Server side. WinRM needs to be setup to use powershell remotely. First off make sure all machines have WinRM started and accepting from all hosts, or at least your host make sure the WinRM service is started. To set all remote hosts to trust […]

Azure DevOps

Story Points

User Stories are used in Agile to create work and for each story, you have to give it some points. A common point system to use is the Fibonacci sequence numbers. Story Points Corresponds to 1 A very small, low effort, low complexity piece of work that might take 1-2 hours 2 About twice the […]