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Story Points

User Stories are used in Agile to create work and for each story, you have to give it some points. A common point system to use is the Fibonacci sequence numbers.

Story PointsCorresponds to
1A very small, low effort, low complexity piece of work that might take 1-2 hours
2About twice the effort of a one point story, maybe with an added level of complexity, probably half a day’s work.
3Still quite a small job but again increasing in the level of complexity and/or effort. Maybe a days piece of work.
5Complexity/effort is higher. It might involve more than one team member. ” to 3 days to complete.
8Quite a high level of effort and/or complexity. Likey to take a week.
13A certain level of “unknowns” with a piece of work. Could take two weeks to complete, the whole of the sprint. Ideally, this needs to be broken down. If the team feels confident they can complete it within the sprint, then it could be left as it is.
21A large and complex piece of work that would take more than one sprint to complete 2 to 4 weeks. Lots of unknown
34A very large or complex piece of work lots of unknowns maybe 2-3 sprints to complete. More than a month to complete.

All Stories should be no bigger than 13 points. If the story is 21, 34 it usually would be a backlog story and a rough estimate. As these stories come in to the sprints they would be broken down in to smaller stories.